Toshiba to release 32GB ReadyBoost USB drive

Windows Vista’s ReadyBoost feature is certainly cool–it allows you to kill two birds with one stone by making use of an unused USB flash drive while also reducing your startup and shutdown times in Vista. But just how far would you go to speed things up? Toshiba has decided to take this question to its logical endpoint with their new line of flash drives, which range in size from a measly 1GB stick to a massive 32GB “limited edition” drive. The 1,2,4 and 8GB models arrive in October, with the 32GB beast set to drop in December; all of the drives support Vista’s ReadyBoost right out of the box. So just how much does a 32GB thumb drive go for? $665, if you must know, but you’ll have to act fast–I’d be surprised if Toshiba made any more of these past the initial limited run.

For more on the ginormous thumb drive:
– see this press release

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