Toshiba ships laptop with Vista downgrade

What are you looking for in a laptop? Speed? Portability? The option to downgrade from Vista to Windows XP? If that last one is of any importance to you, you might want to check out Toshiba’s latest, the Satellite T31. Sure, we’ve seen folks downgrading from “the wow” before but this marks the first time that a manufacturer is offering a standard downgrade, right out of the box with a new PC. The 15.4 inch notebook ships with recovery discs for both Vista Business and XP Professional–if you’re not a Vista fan, simply pop in that XP CD and uninstall Redmond’s latest. Sounds like good news for Vista-hating consumers, though this is undoubtedly bad news for Microsoft and its beleaguered Vista OS. The Satellite T31 is only available in Japan at the moment–no word on whether Toshiba plans to offer a similar deal here in the States.

For more on the downgrade:
– see this article from Akihabara News

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