Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon released

What do you get when you take the name of an animal and attach to it an alliterative adjective that denotes some form of moxie? Why, a new version of Ubuntu Linux, of course! As we mentioned in passing yesterday, today is the day that version 7.10–a.k.a. “Gutsy Gibbon”–goes live. Version 7.1 brings a whole slew of new features to the table, including a redesigned GNOME 2.20 desktop, integrated desktop search, fast user switching and improved support for Firefox plug-ins, printers, NTFS drives, displays and alternative monitor configurations. If you’re the open-source sort, head on over to the Ubuntu site and hop on the next torrent to version 7.10.

To download Gutsy Gibbon:
– check out Ubuntu’s website

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