UMPC vs. MID: What’s in a name?

What’s a UMPC? What’s an MID? Seems like we’ve been hearing the terms being used almost interchangeably lately to describe very similar-looking handheld devices. Is there a difference between the two? Turns out there is. Engadget asked Dan Monahan, Intel’s Global Internet Segment Manager of Ultra Mobility about the two acronyms and he was more than happy to help separate the wheat from the chaff. As it turns out, the UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) is an enterprise-worthy device, runs a full desktop-class OS and is optimized for using productivity applications. The MID (Mobile Internet Device) on the other hand, is a consumer gadget, runs a “lightweight” OS like Linux and is optimized for quick startup, media applications and web surfing. Moving forward, Intel plans to classify Moorestown-based devices as MIDs, in contrast to Menlow-based UMPCs.

For more on UMPCs vs. MIDs:
– see this Engadget article

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