Uruguay set to order 100k OLPC XOs

With the OLPC project’s XO laptop having been manufactured, tested and even priced, it was only a matter of time until the tiny devices started making their way into the hands of future geeks around the world. Uruguay has been evaluating both the XO and Intel’s competing Classmate PC for a while now and it looks like the final results are in: the XO has beaten the Classmate PC by a hair, thanks, in part, to the XO’s slightly lower price. Though the decision isn’t yet final, Uruguay plans to order 100,000 laptops from the winner, with the option to buy 50,000 more at a later date. If the government does indeed decide on the XO, this could prove a huge win for the OLPC project–and a staggering blow to the Classmate PC.

For more on the forthcoming deployment:
Рsee this article from OLPC News

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