Video: Cisco killing off Linksys brand

All creatures great and small must eventually meet their maker and unfortunately for Linksys, that includes vendors of home networking gear. The SMB and consumer network hardware vendor, which Cisco Systems bought in 2003, will soon disappear, at least as far as branding is concerned. In a round-table discussion with members of the European press, Cisco CEO John Chambers revealed that the Linksys brand will be retired, with a redesigned version of the Cisco brand taking its place. "It will all come, over time, into a Cisco brand," Chambers said. "The reason we kept Linksys’ brand is because it was better known in the U.S. than even Cisco was for the consumer. As you go globally there’s very little advantage in that." This move isn’t too surprising, considering Cisco’s initiatives to offer Cisco-branded products to Linksys resellers (and vice versa) and the company’s recent restructuring, which saw the creation of a new SMB division. It’s certainly a smart move if Cisco hopes to extend its brand recognition into the consumer market. But will Linksys loyalists learn to trust the Cisco brand?

For more on the announcement:
– watch this video (via Uberpulse)
– and see this Uberpulse article

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