Video: First third-party app on iPhone released

With all the iPhone hacking that’s been going on, it was only a matter of time until the first, true third party app appeared on the device. And here it is: Mobile Terminal, an application that emulates OS X’s Unix terminal. And no, this isn’t some run-of-the-mill web-based app: Mobile Terminal is the real thing, sporting its own GUI and icon on the iPhone’s home screen. While the application is something of a novelty at this point, it can be used to execute console ssh-client applications, which might come in handy if you managed to forget those baby photos at home. If you’re interested in playing around with Mobile Terminal yourself, be sure to check out the Google Code link below.

In other iPhone hacking news, a group of European hackers claims to have successfully managed to get the iPhone up-and-running on rival networks with the use of a SIM card reader/writer–a piece of hardware that retails for under $90 USD. While the SIM switcheroo has yet to be confirmed, the folks at Gizmodo have vowed to test the purported unlocking method as soon as possible.

For more on the current state of iPhone hacks:
– watch this video demonstration of Mobile Terminal
– check out this Google Code page to install it yourself
– and see this Gizmodo article on the SIM trick

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