Video: Pogue reviews the OLPC XO

While we’ve been hearing about the OLPC project’s XO laptop for quite some time now, one thing that we still haven’t seen is a full-fledged review. Well, that’s all about to change, as the New York Times‘ David Pogue has gone ahead and done the honors with one of his trademark video reviews. During the course of his review, Pogue manages to highlight a few of the XO’s features that hadn’t been widely discussed previously. The unit’s durability, in particular, is impressive: Pogue splashes the XO’s keyboard with water, covers it with dirt and drops it onto some rocks from a height of a few feet–all with no discernible effect on the machine. Also cool is the ability to view the Python code behind all of the XO’s custom apps, just by hitting a simple keyboard shortcut. Granted, the XO doesn’t have the speed or storage space to be a dedicated machine for a power user. As Pogue notes, however, the little green laptop seems to suit its intended audience–students in developing nations–just fine.

For more on the XO:
Рwatch the video review from the New York Times

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