Video: SSD vs. HDD speed trial

So, you’ve been hearing about the speed advantages that SSDs offer for what seems like ages now but what would your life really be like if you had an SSD-equipped laptop? Tech blog SysAdminGear decided to find out by putting two similarly spec’d machines to the test. They managed to snag two identical Sony TZ91s that had only one key difference–one sports a 64GB all-flash SSD while the other is packing a plain old mechanical hard drive. Check out the video below of the two machines booting into Windows XP; as you might expect, the SSD laptop cleans up quite nicely, blazing past the HDD model with 12 seconds to spare. Still, that SSD is a $1000 option in the TZ91–I’ll leave it up to you as to whether or not your time is that valuable.

For more on the test:
– watch this video (via SysAdminGear)

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