Is Vista more secure than XP?

Whether you hate Vista or can’t get enough of it, you have to admit that it’s probably a bad sign that IT users are still flocking to buy copies of Windows XP. As we all know, however, IT folks can be a finicky bunch and whether we’re talking about the iPhone or a toaster oven, security is often the sticking point that keeps a device out of the enterprise.

With an ear to recent Windows deployment trends, ZDnet‘s Ed Bott decided to take a look at the state of Vista security, in commemoration of the one year anniversary of Vista’s release to manufacturing. Surprisingly, Vista does quite favorably in terms of security when compared with its older sibling Windows XP–at least in the short term. Bott compared the number of “critical” and “important” security bulletins issued by Microsoft over the past year and discovered that Vista was the clear victor with only 14 bulletins to XP SP2’s 41. Now to be totally fair, XP has been on the market for far longer, so it’s not entirely surprising that more vulnerabilities have emerged during the past year than in Vista–at this point hackers are likely far more used to the XP code and probably find it easier to root around for vulnerabilities. Still, it’s an encouraging sign for anyone hoping to deploy Vista in the enterprise sometime before the next version of Windows hits.

For more on Vista security:
– see this ZDnet blog entry

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Vista is spyware.

XP and Vista don’t have security problems, IT departments that let users run as an “Administrator” have problems. All of our users run as true “users” on their boxes, and we just don’t have the issues that other places have. Go figure…

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