Vista: Most secure OS after 90 days?

Operating systems are kind of like cars in a way: there’s no way of knowing how reliable a car is until it’s been on the market for a few years and taken a few lumps. Likewise, you can’t tell how secure an OS is until it’s faced a few threats. Now that Windows Vista has rolled over the 90 day mark on the odometer, Microsoft is trotting out some security comparisons that show Vista in a very favorable light. According to an eight and a half page PDF, Vista fared the best after 90 days, with only five vulnerabilities discovered, followed by Windows XP with 14 and OS X 10.4 with 20. The various flavors of Linux fared especially poorly, take Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Workstation’s whopping 181 bugs, for example. This is obviously good news for Microsoft and Vista’s “improved security,” though one has to wonder what other factors might be at play here. As always with this sort of PR fluff, serve with a grain of salt.

For more on Vista security:
– see the full security report (.pdf)

ALSO: Symantec agrees that Windows is the most secure OS. Article

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I wonder if the graph comparing different operating system vulnerabilities would look any different if the data were normalized to the number of copies of the OS’s out there…if the data already reflects that, I missed the mention of it. Thanks.

like to see how vista fares without an antivirus installed! thats the true measure of how secure an OS is. Linux still has no need for antivirus or antispy software.

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