Vista, Office released, enterprises yawn

Happy Vista Day! It’s been years in the making but at long last, Vista is finally upon us. There’s sure to be a lot of fist-pumping, high-fiving and maybe even some liberal usage of the Ballmerism “squirting” at Microsoft headquarters today. But are Enterprises really excited to tear into their copies of Vista and Office 2007? Most industry analysts don’t think so. Gartner estimates that 58 percent of all PCs shipped next year will come equipped with Vista, but only 10 percent of all machines will run the OS by the end of 2007. That news doesn’t bode well for a company that’s been bragging that Vista will deploy at twice the rate of its predecessor. At any rate, we’ll continue to cover Vista and Office as the reviews start rolling in–feel free to send me your own impressions as well, should you decide to take the plunge. After all, the price is right.

For more on Vista’s launch:
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– and this ZDnet blog

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