Vista piracy rate is half that of XP

No alarms and no surprises here, kids: Microsoft has revealed that the current piracy rate of Windows Vista is half that of Windows XP. Wow, they can’t even get people to steal Vista LOL! Well, not really. As you and I both know, Vista is much tougher on pirates as it requires Windows Genuine Advantage validation, unlike XP. And if you don’t validate, your machine gets locked down, something that Redmond likes to call “reduced functionality mode.” “Piracy rates are lower because it’s harder,” Microsoft Vice President Mike Sievert explained in an interview with CNET. What’s most interesting here, however, is that the company recently announced that it had decided to do away with the so-called WGA “kill switch” in Vista SP1–a move that could level the piracy playing field a bit. It’ll be interesting to see if Vista’s piracy rates will shoot up following the release of SP1–I’m sure the folks in Redmond will follow those numbers closely.

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Has it occured to anyone that people don’t steal non-functional software?

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