Vista SP1 beta gets reviewed

As we inch ever closer to the release of Vista Service Pack 1, more and more information is starting to make its way to the general public. Now, PC Magazine has gotten their hands on a private beta version of SP1 and judging by their in-depth review, the update looks to be solid, if not quite as monumental as Windows XP SP2. “The latest iteration of the SP1 beta, which is closed to the public, reveals a useful set of OS updates, but one that’s not as critical as SP2 was for XP,” PC Magazine writes. “SP1 speeds up a few operations and enhances third-party program compatibility, but it changes little you’ll notice in your day-to-day experience.” Still, the reviewer found that in addition to an overall boost in speed, SP1 brought a few other wanted features to Vista, like more drivers, improved encryption and speed boosts inside demanding applications. 

For more on the beta:
– check out this review from PC Magazine

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