Vista SP1 to bring networking speed boost

If you’re a Vista user, you were probably pretty upset to hear that Vista SP1 would bring no major speed improvements to your OS of choice–especially since Windows XP will see a 10 percent speed boost with the release of SP3. Well, despair not, my friend, it looks like you’ll still get yours when SP1 hits in early 2008. According to tests performed by ZDnet, SP1 brings a “tripling” of network file transfer speeds for certain kinds of transfers. The key lies in SP1’s networking stack, which eliminates the buffering used in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The result is a slightly increased throughput for small file transfers between Vista PCs and a near tripling of transfer speeds between one Vista PC and one XP/Server 2003/Windows Home Server PC.

For more on the tests:
– see this ZDnet article

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What I would like to know is whether this upgrade will help the printer driver issues with Vista. Unless Vista and various printer companies got together and decided to make all XP printers obsolete, it would seem they could have developed a fix a long time ago.

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