VMWare Fusion goes head-to-head with Parallels

Virtualization is cool stuff and being able to run multiple OSes side-by-side à la Parallels is even cooler. When it comes to running multiple OSes on the Mac in such a fashion, however, there hasn’t been a whole lot of choice in terms of software. Enter virtualization leader VMWare. The company has been testing a beta of Fusion–it’s answer to Parallels for virtualization on the Mac desktop. Like Parallels, it costs $80, requires a full version of Windows and allows you to run PC apps inside of OS X. So what’s the difference? The Wall Street Journal‘s Walt Mossberg put Fusion through the paces and reports that “Parallels has more features than Fusion…But I found Fusion puts less strain on the computer overall.” I can think of at least one advantage that Mossberg didn’t mention, however: pre-order Fusion–set to hit the streets Aug. 6–and you’ll save 50 percent off the sticker price.

For more on VMWare’s Fusion:
– see this column from All Things D
– to pre-order Fusion, visit this product page

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