Vodafone wants to set the iPhone free

Sure, we’ve seen rival carriers getting riled up over the iPhone before but this is a first: Vodafone Germany has apparently filed a preliminary injunction against T-Mobile’s sales of the iPhone in Deutschland. At issue is the exclusive nature of Apple and T-Mobile’s deal, as well as the revenue-sharing agreement the two companies have worked out for iPhone rate plans. Luckily for German iPhone fans, it doesn’t look like this will put a halt on sales of the Apple phone quite yet, though a definitive ruling, due within the next two weeks, could have some serious repercussions. “We want it to be available to buyers without a mandatory calling plan,” Vodafone Germany chief executive Friedrich Joussen said in a statement. “If I had wanted to halt sales, I could have, but I didn’t.”

For more on the injunction:
– see this AppleInsider article

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