VoIP finally here for PalmOS; Toshiba too

A small company called MantraGroup will soon become the first to offer real VoIP software for the PalmOS. The software, called MobiVoIP, works via Internet connections using Bluetooth, EV-DO or WiFi to connect to the device. That means the upcoming Palm Treo 700P device (which has EV-DO built-in) will be the first PalmOS device not requiring an external connection to make a VoIP call (Enfora makes a WiFi sled for the 650, but that’s a kluge at best). Meanwhile, VoIP on Windows handhelds isn’t anything new, but Toshiba is taking a step forward by offering handhelds with software links to their IP-PBX gear. (Readers, if you have early access to a 700P, then try MobiVoIP and report back to me!)

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