We were wrong: 3G Nanos could be real

Even the best of us are wrong from time to time. And by “the best of us” I mean “DailyTechRag.You’ll recall that yesterday, we posted an alleged “spy shot” of what 9 to 5 Mac claims is the new, 3G iPod Nano. We quickly dismissed the photo as a fake, on the grounds that the image was rather dubious in nature–that and the fact that the things looked downright ugly. Well folks, as much as it pains us to admit it, it looks like the short, stout iPods could be the real deal after all. In the days following the leaked image, Apple’s legal team has been asking blogs hosting the image to remove it from their servers (Where’s our notice, Steve?), on the grounds that the image is Apple’s “intellectual property.” While that essentially confirms that these things were manufactured by Apple, it remains unclear whether this is the final 3G Nano or simply an early prototype. Please let it be the latter, Apple.

For more on the (possible) new Nanos:
– see this Gizmodo article

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