Windows Mobile 6.1 screenshots leak

Just a few days ago, we told you about a Windows Mobile 6 “update” that’s set to land early next year. Though details were scarce at the time, Engadget was quoted as saying that the update is “…very slick, and has a lot of features that just about any WinMo user will agree [are] way overdue.”

Well, guess what landed in the Boy Genius Report‘s lap the other day? Why nothing less than a Motorola Q9 rocking a previously unseen build of Win Mo, version 6.1. Of course, they went ahead and documented the stuffing out of the OS and all its new features. Among them: a new home screen (finally!) with sideways scrolling, an iPhone-like threaded SMS view, a new version of IE with zoom in and out, recent programs in the Start menu and–last but not least–copy and paste functionality (take that, iPhone). Nothing official yet from Microsoft on any of this, though if you use a WM6 device, you had better hope that there’s an upgrade in your future.

For 100 photos of Windows Mobile 6.1:
– see this Boy Genius Report story

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