Windows Vista: Faster on a Mac than OS X?

Mac OS X is a lot of things: stable, elegant, usable. One thing the venerable OS does not have a reputation for, however, is speed. Especially when it comes to boot time, OS X can be a little pokey (though this has improved significantly with the introduction of Intel multi-core chips). Windows XP tends to boot faster on some Macs than OS X does, so it should come as no surprise that Vista fairs even better. Wired‘s Cult of Mac blog did a bit of Vista testing on a quad-Xeon Mac Pro and came away quite impressed. “Vista really flies on this beast, and feels like it’s faster than OS X–it boots faster, folders burst open and apps launch instantly.” This is no shock–the Mac Pro that he’s running goes above and beyond Vista’s hardware requirements for both processing and graphics muscle. Could Macs, with their ability to run OS X as well, be the perfect Vista machines?

For more Vista on a Mac:
– see this Wired Cult of Mac blog entry

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