World’s first WCDMA/GSM dual-mode phone launched

What’s that you see above? Just a regular old candybar-style handset, right? Wrong. That there, my friend, is the “world’s first” dual-mode WCDMA/GSM phone. Armed with two separate SIM card slots, the so-called “Twins” handset from Chinese vendor TechFaith is capable of running two phone lines at once–either one GSM and one WCDMA or two GSM lines. That means that those of you who carry around two phones–one for business and one for personal/family–would finally be able to consolidate those two lines into a single handset. This one should be hitting China sometime soon–hopefully someone will see fit to bring a similar technology to the U.S. market eventually.

For more on the phone with the split personality:
– see this Gizmodo article

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