Zune phone wish list: Wishful thinking

Now that Microsoft has all but confirmed that a Zune phone is in development, all that’s left to do is sit and wait for the iPhone rip-off innovative handset to be unveiled. It’s quite obvious that the Zune phone (Zphone? Zhone? Zell phone?) will be up against some stiff competition when it eventually launches. What can Microsoft do to help the Zune phone stand out in what’s sure to be a sea of iPhone knock-offs? Gizmodo has put together a wish list (as in “you wish”), listing features that they hope to see in the first iteration of the device. As you might expect, there are expectations that the iPhone failed to meet (WiFi/3G synching and downloading, MP3 ringtones) as well as features that only Microsoft can implement (Xbox Live/Windows Media Center integration). Considering that many of these features will require Microsoft to defy the rights-holder that be (and we’ve seen how willing they are to do that), I’m going to guess that we see exactly none of these in the Zune phone.

For the full wish-list:
– check out this post at Gizmodo

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