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Acer news from DailyTechRag


ALSO NOTED: IBM to invest $1.5 billion in enterprise security; Time Magazine names iPhone invention of the year;

> Bad news HP fans: looks like all of the iPaqs are getting delayed to 2008. Article> Verizon’s BlackBerry Read more…
Tags: Acer   Verizon Wireless   Ubuntu   iPhone  

ALSO NOTED: iTunes DRM-free tracks drop to $0.99, as expected; HTC to ship 50,000 Google Phones this year?;

> iTunes DRM-free tracks drop to $0.99, as expected. Article> Linus Torvalds’ own family uses Windows. Read more…
Tags: Skype   iPod   Google   Linus Torvalds   Acer   supercomputers   DRM   HTC   MacBook   iTunes  

ALSO NOTED: Confirmed: Acer to buy Gateway to buy Packard Bell; Adobe unveils 3D imaging tech;

> Confirmed: Acer to buy Gateway to buy Packard Bell. Read more…
Tags: Hard Drive   Adobe   Acer   iPhone  

ALSO NOTED: Lawsuits holding back Acer-Gateway deal; Paralells desktop 3.0 is fast;

> Lawsuits could throw a wrench in the Acer-Gateway deal. Article> iPod Nano tortured tested, lives to tell the tale. Read more…
Tags: Litigation   iPhone   T-Mobile   Acer   Gateway   LaCie  

Acer to buy Gateway, Gateway to buy Packard Bell

How’s this for a bizarre love triangle: Acer (the world’s third largest PC vendor), has announced plans to buy Gateway (tied for Read more…