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Adobe news from DailyTechRag


How to: Split/merge PDFs

Adobe’s PDF is essentially a standard at this point, though it’s not necessarily an easy to manipulate file format. Read more…
Tags: Adobe  

ALSO NOTED: Asus plans an Eee PC desktop; The iPhone vs. the HTC Touch;

> Lawsuit alleges that AMD is responsible for a child’s birth defects. Article> Avoiding the OS Read more…
Tags: Beta Software   Samsung   AMD   HTC   SSDs   iPhone   Asus   Sprint   Adobe  

Mozilla, Microsoft fight over web scripting

There are probably few among us who would argue with the following statement: Javascript is an aging language badly in need of modernization. To that end, developers and industry folks have been hard Read more…
Tags: Microsoft   Yahoo   Adobe   Mozilla  

ALSO NOTED: Confirmed: Acer to buy Gateway to buy Packard Bell; Adobe unveils 3D imaging tech;

> Confirmed: Acer to buy Gateway to buy Packard Bell. Read more…
Tags: Hard Drive   Adobe   Acer   iPhone  

Adobe shows off Photoshop Express

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new on the Photoshop Express front, even though the company seems to have missed the Read more…
Tags: Adobe   Photoshop  

ALSO NOTED: Adobe releases Flash Lite 3; Microsoft partner program looks to SMB market;

> Adobe brings real Flash to mobile handsets, finally. Article> Linux Read more…
Tags: Skype   Sun Microsystems   Linux   Adobe   Hitachi  

How to: Speed up Adobe Reader (Windows only)

For a “portable document format,” PDFs sure can take a while to load–especially if you’re opening them with Adobe Reader. The problem has gotten to be so bad that a whole cottage industry of third Read more…
Tags: Adobe Acrobat   Adobe   Plug-Ins  

Adobe brings hi-def video to Flash

Adobe’s Flash may be the de facto standard for web video at this point but that doesn’t mean that the streaming player can’t use a new coat of Read more…
Tags: H.264   Adobe Flash   YouTube   iPhone   Adobe  

Adobe CS3 Review: Photoshop CS3 Extended

Last year, once the dust had finally settled from Apple’s announcement that it would transition to Intel chips, the first Read more…
Tags: Reviews   Applications   Adobe  

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