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How to: Use IM on your iPhone/iPod without jailbreaking

So let’s say that you’re an IM junkie–you need to know that the folks on your buddylist are just a click away at all times, even when you’re not at your desk. But Read more…
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How to: Set up a quick, easy video chat

Videoconferencing has been a reality for a few years now but setting up a live video chat on most clients still requires that both computers have a specific application installed, whether it be Read more…
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Fox, Universal, Microsoft, Yahoo to take on YouTube

Seems like ever since YouTube sold for the incomprehensible amount of $1.6 billion, every media company on the block wants a piece of the online video action. To that end, a staggering list of

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WebEx delivers AIM Pro for businesses

WebEx finally released their AIM Pro Business Edition, with numerous corporate-class features built atop AOL’s popular instant messaging platform. In addition to the regular IM and WebEx’s collaboration tools, the Business Editon has tighter security and encryption, on-site servers to ensure voice and video quality and integration with Microsoft Outlook. It also connects to ICQ, Apple’s iChat and various smaller business IM applications. Best of all, it’s free to download.

For more …

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Rootkit removal method depends on who you ask

Quick, how do you remove rootkits? You’re likely to hear a different theory from every security professional you ask. Whether it’s even possible to remove rootkits without completely wiping out a system is becoming a controversial topic lately, because if you remove the rootkit, you’ll probably leave a hole where the original healthy files used to be. The problem is acute because security vendors can’t advertise rootkit removal tools if they don’t know the actual consequences. So the …

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C&L: Govern leaves AOL, Morowski joins Borland

AOL’s CTO Maureen Govern resigned over the Internet company’s recent security fiasco in which thousands of private customer records were released. Two lower-level managers also left the company.

Len Lauer left the COO position at Sprint Nextel, essentially due to the phone company’s poor performance. He will not be replaced, …

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AOL launches IM for business users

AOL’s new AIM Pro Professional Edition, as its name implies, has many features designed for business users. This version of the popular instant-messaging program integrates with Microsoft Outlook’s directories and calendars and includes data encryption and virus scanning tools. It also integrates with services such as WebEx Communications and with other IM systems. Better yet, it’s free!

For more on AIM:
– take a look at this IDG News

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AOL starts beta testing of IM for business

AOL this week released a beta version of AIM Pro, a new business edition of the popular instant-messaging service. It’s features include one-click links to the WebEx desktop and video collaboration program, the use of email addresses as buddy names, integration with Microsoft’s Outlook email client and SSL encryption of all messages. The service is expected to go live later this summer. Pricing has not been announced.

For more on the beta:
– read this TechWeb article

Firefox 2.0: Tabs, bookmarks, extensions

Firefox 2.0 is due this summer, and “2.0 will be about the UI,” said Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla’s director of engineering. Bookmarks, history, extensions, searching and tabs are all slated for updates in the new version. In some ways, the new features will resemble a best-of-extensions list, since current extensions already cover much of the to-do list. Security updates are also planned.

For more on Firefox:
– see this TechWeb

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ALSO NOTED: Bush picks telecom lobbyist for FCC; AOL, Yahoo to allow mass mail for a fee; and much more…

> Bush picks telecom lobbyist for FCC. Article

> AOL, Yahoo! to allow mass mail for a fee. Article

> NetApp’s machines store smarter. Article

> Hewlett-Packard aims OpenView BPI at utilities. …

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