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Blu-ray news from DailyTechRag


Dell prepping new 15" laptops

Tags: AMD   Bluetooth   WiFi   Blu-ray   Dell  

Dell XPS One gets real

Oh Dell, you should know by now that you can’t play coy with us. Try as you did to maintain an air of secrecy around your XPS One all-in-one PC, Read more…
Tags: Blu-ray   WiFi   Dell   Bluetooth  

ALSO NOTED: Alabama students getting OLPC XOs; Philips/Lite-on announce $199 Blu-ray PC drive;

> Polaroid markets Zink portable photo printer. Article> Alabama students are Read more…
Tags: Hard Drive   Google   Blu-ray   OLPC   Sprint  

ALSO NOTED: Dell going retail in China; Google Calendar gets friendly with the iPhone;

> Sony rolls out a few more Blu-ray-equipped laptops. Article> 800Mhz G4 Macs Read more…
Tags: Helio   iPhone   Google   Dell   Blu-ray   Mac OS X   Sony   Laptops  

Sony’s psychedelic Vaio is a trip

Do you count Iron Butterfly’s 17-minute jam “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” among your favorite songs of all time? Do you openly rock tie-die shirts in public? Do you grow your own, uh, “herbal refreshment” at Read more…
Tags: Laptops   Blu-ray   Sony  

ALSO NOTED: Dell to refresh OptiPlex desktops; An interview with Apple VP Phil Schiller;

> Geek pr0n: taking apart the new iPod Nanos and Classics. Read more…
Tags: HD DVD   Blu-ray  

Mitsubishi working on 3D displays

Those wacky 3D glasses that they used to give you at the movie theater might seem like a thing of the past but if researchers at Mitsubishi have their way, red and blue shades could become Read more…
Tags: Mitsubishi   Blu-ray   Displays  

ALSO NOTED: No Blu-ray for iMacs until 2008; Michael Dell running Ubuntu?;

> Michael Dell’s open-source OS of choice? Ubuntu. Article
> Bill Gates sees the future of the tech industry. Read more…

ALSO NOTED: Zune to go DRM-free; The .ANI attack from the inside;

> Microsoft says it will go DRM-free, though when and how is anyone’s guess. Read more…

Tags: Apple   Microsoft   Web 2.0   Blu-ray   DRM   iPods  

VESA okays DisplayPort 1.1 spec

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) announced today that it has approved DisplayPort 1.1, a standard that it hopes will replace DVI and VGA as the de facto standard for both

Read more…
Tags: Hardware News   Blu-ray   Dell