Dell M1530: Multimedia monster

Dell just unleashed its latest multimedia-centric laptop, the M1530 and judging by the looks of it, this seems to be a solid deal for anyone looking for power on the cheap. The 15.4 inch machine Read more…
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Dell prepping new 15" laptops

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Two sub-$400 alternatives to the Eee PC

So, you fancy the idea of a sub-$400 laptop, eh? Well, we can’t say that we blame you, with all of the excitement surrounding the Eee PC and all. While Read more…
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Dell XPS One gets real

Oh Dell, you should know by now that you can’t play coy with us. Try as you did to maintain an air of secrecy around your XPS One all-in-one PC, Read more…
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ALSO NOTED: Dell prepping 30" display with HDMI and DisplayPort; T-Mobile Sidekick Slide has sliding problems;

> IBM’s BlueGene/L continues to dominate the supercomputer charts. Article> Read more…
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Dell teases all-in-one XPS One

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a major PC vendor teasing an iMac-like all-in-one Windows PC and it probably won’t be the last. You’ll probably recall that Read more…
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ALSO NOTED: The death of the Google phone?; Dell to start selling PCs at Staples;

> The death of the Google phone? Article> eMachines looses some cheap new desktops. Read more…
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ALSO NOTED: A smartphone secure enough for the NSA; TIFF exploits for iPhone released;

> Major labels want to sell music on flash drives. Article> TIFF exploits for iPhone Read more…
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