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DRM news from DailyTechRag


ALSO NOTED: Standardizing antivirus software testing; Nokia launches a 3G phone on T-Mobile;

> Nokia launches a 3G phone on T-Mobile…so…where’s the network? Article> Standardizing Read more…
Tags: DRM   T-Mobile   Apple  

ALSO NOTED: iTunes DRM-free tracks drop to $0.99, as expected; HTC to ship 50,000 Google Phones this year?;

> iTunes DRM-free tracks drop to $0.99, as expected. Article> Linus Torvalds’ own family uses Windows. Read more…
Tags: Skype   iPod   Google   Linus Torvalds   Acer   supercomputers   DRM   HTC   MacBook   iTunes  

Apple dropping DRM-free tracks to $.0.99?

Here’s the latest from the Apple rumor mill: in response to’s new DRM-free music store, Read more…
Tags: Apple   Amazon   DRM   iTunes  

ALSO NOTED: EchoStar buys Sling Media for $380 million; Motorola shows off WiMAX modem;

> EchoStar buys Sling Media for $380 million. Article> iPhone beats HTC Read more…
Tags: HTC   iPhone   Amazon   Motorola   WiMAX   DRM  

iPod Touch ships, gets unboxed

Well, this sure comes as a surprise. Just yesterday Read more…
Tags: iPod   iTunes   Apple   DRM   iPhone   WiFi  

ALSO NOTED: EarthLink to cut 900 jobs; Sony adding HSDPA to Vaio laptops;

> Unlocking the iPhone with ‘metal pins, cork and a piece of cable.’ Read more…
Tags: Networking   iPhone   Intel   HSDPA   Google   DRM  

Wal-Mart to sell DRM-free tracks

The name “Wal-Mart” and the words “cutting edge” are rarely used in the same sentence–unless, of course, you’re talking about cutting the edge off of some prices. Despite this fact, the Read more…
Tags: Wal-Mart   DRM   iTunes  

Universal going DRM-free, snubs iTunes

Following EMI’s move toward DRM-free music back in April, rumormongers scoured every corner of Read more…
Tags: DRM   Google   Amazon   Apple  

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