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Critical Quicktime bug hits Windows

In the age of iTunes and Safari on Windows, Quicktime is just about as common a piece of software as any you’ll find on the average Windows PC. That’s why it’s troublesome that a previously unknown Read more…

ALSO NOTED: A smartphone secure enough for the NSA; TIFF exploits for iPhone released;

> Major labels want to sell music on flash drives. Article> TIFF exploits for iPhone Read more…
Tags: Exploits   Smartphones   iPhone   Dell   Intel   Hard Drive  

Storm Worm dupes YouTube fans

YouTube fans beware: You might think that email link is sending you to a video of the Star Wars kid but in reality, the link’s purpose may be far less funny. Security experts are warning that online Read more…
Tags: YouTube   Security   McAfee   Hacking   Exploits  

MacBook hacked in 9 hours flat

This exploit may not pose a legitimate security threat to Apple fans–at least not yet–but it’s sill cool enough that it bears repeating: Shane Macaulay, a software engineer, won himself

Read more…

Firefox 2/IE 7 animated cursor exploit on the way

In a column for ZDnet, George Ou reveals that security firm Determina plans to release a proof of concept Read more…

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