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Flash Memory news from DailyTechRag


Eee PC gets unboxed, dissected

Well, that sure was quick. While we’ve come to expect our gadget unboxings and dissections delivered hot and fast, I don’t think that any of us expected this much dirt on Read more…
Tags: Laptops   Gadgets   Flash Memory   Asus  

ALSO NOTED: The death of the Google phone?; Dell to start selling PCs at Staples;

> The death of the Google phone? Article> eMachines looses some cheap new desktops. Read more…
Tags: Samsung   Desktop PCs   WiFi   Hitachi   Dell   Flash Memory   iPhone   Google  

Samsung developing universal flash card

CF cards. SD cards. MicroSD cards. Memory Sticks. XD cards. Are you tired of having to juggle multiple flash card formats for your various Read more…
Tags: Storage   Samsung   Nokia   Flash Memory   Sony  

Seagate to enter the SSD market

What’s one sign of a tech market about to take off? Vendors who had previously shown no interest bowing their heads and entering the market. Case in point: Seagate, up until now a manufacturer of Read more…

Toshiba develops 16GB flash chip

In the continuing saga of increasing NAND flash capacity, there’s no such thing as bad news. To that end, Toshiba has announced its own 16GB capacity chip, Read more…

ALSO NOTED: Apple’s hunger for flash could lead to shortage; Sales dept. perfect security scapegoat;

> Circuit City to cut 3,400 jobs, outsource IT to IBM. Article
> Could

Read more…
Tags: Apple   Yahoo   Flash Memory   iPod  

Samsung drops massively small 64GB SSD

This war for Solid State Drive dominance just keeps escalating–which is funny because I don’t even know a single person who owns one yet. If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s the skinny:

Read more…
Tags: SSDs   Samsung   MacBook   Laptops   Flash Memory  

Samsung to release 8GB flash chip, cool ranch imminent

They keep pumping them out and your hungry devices keep eating them up like so many Doritos: flash chips. Samsung, the Frito Lay of the NAND flash world, has just announced yet another chip: an

Read more…
Tags: Storage   Samsung   Flash Memory