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Hitachi news from DailyTechRag


ALSO NOTED: 10 reasons why IT shouldn’t support the iPhone; Intel to delay Yorkfields?;

> Dell thinks that the Latitude XT isn’t that expensive at all. Blog> Apple update fixes frozen notebook keyboards. Read more…
Tags: Apple   Intel   AMD   Hitachi   Matsushita   iPhone  

ALSO NOTED: The death of the Google phone?; Dell to start selling PCs at Staples;

> The death of the Google phone? Article> eMachines looses some cheap new desktops. Read more…
Tags: Samsung   Desktop PCs   WiFi   Hitachi   Dell   Flash Memory   iPhone   Google  

Hitachi makes storage simple, modular

It’s no secret that storage concerns are top of mind for most admins. However, it’s also no secret that the massive storage solutions employed by most large enterprises are too complex and expensive Read more…
Tags: Storage   Hitachi  

ALSO NOTED: Adobe releases Flash Lite 3; Microsoft partner program looks to SMB market;

> Adobe brings real Flash to mobile handsets, finally. Article> Linux Read more…
Tags: Skype   Sun Microsystems   Linux   Adobe   Hitachi  

ALSO NOTED: Sprint experiencing WiMAX spectrum headaches?; Toshiba announces new Satellite laptops;

> Sprint encountering problems in acquiring necessary WiMAX spectrum? Read more…
Tags: Hitachi   Sprint   Nokia   WiMAX   SSDs   Skype  

ALSO NOTED: No Blu-ray for iMacs until 2008; Michael Dell running Ubuntu?;

> Michael Dell’s open-source OS of choice? Ubuntu. Article
> Bill Gates sees the future of the tech industry. Read more…

Breaking limits: Better living through storage

I’m not sure what it is today but there seems to be a lot of news from the storage front. First off is Hitachi’s new Deskstar 7K100, which the folks at Gizmodo have tipped as “the

Read more…
Tags: Samsung   Laptops   Storage   Hitachi   Hardware News   Dell  

ALSO NOTED: Hitachi to cut jobs, prices; Are Asian handset manufacturers doomed?;

> Hitachi to cut 4,500 jobs, prices. Article
> Borders bookstore will end its long running partnership with

Read more…
Tags: partnerships   MacBook   Hitachi   Amazon  

Dell to offer Hitachi’s monster 1TB SATA drive

Remember what your mother always told you: you don’t need a trampoline, you don’t need a pet elephant and you certainly don’t need 1TB of storage. Dell probably agrees with mom on the

Read more…
Tags: Hardware News   Storage   Hitachi  

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