Intel’s Menlow UMPC chipset to power OS X portables?

Now that we know all about Intel’s plans for Linux-powered UMPCs, it’s time to start

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ALSO NOTED: Intel preps quad-core mobile chip; Jobs to only speak for 1.5 hours after all;

> Intel is prepping a quad-core chip for high-performance laptops. That’s gonna be one hot tamale. Read more…

Asus to sell $199, flash-based laptops

Here comes some good news for those of us who thought that our budgets would prevent us from participating in Read more…

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ALSO NOTED: Microsoft, HP court SMBs with storage; Sun snaps up mobile Java OS;

> Want to know what the future holds? Stare into Intel’s UMPC crystal ball. Video
> Philips

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Sony drops SSD-based, 12.1" ultraportable Vaio

Still waiting on that ultraportable, flash-based MacBook Pro? Of course you are. If you’re

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Intel launches UMPC line, new quad-core chip

Intel just won’t stop releasing new chips, a fact that’s evidenced by the company’s latest product announcements. First up, we’ve got the 1.06GHz U7500 and 1.2GHz U7600 CPUs, representatives of

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ALSO NOTED: The first user-upgradeable laptop; Gateway readies Core 2 Duo UMPC;

> Asus plans a user-upgradeable laptop. Article
> Kodak’s cheap photo printers

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ALSO NOTED: Google Desktop on the Mac;Centrino Pro coming soon;

> Buy a subscription, get a free flash-based Zune? Article
> Intel’s Centrino Pro

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Will the market ever see a successor to x86?

From time to time, it’s nice to daydream about what the future of hardware might have in store for us. The future of CPUs, however, might be a bit further off than we expect. Take, for example,

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