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IP-PBX news from DailyTechRag


Nortel bows new SMB networking products

Networking equipment vendor Nortel is taking aim at SMBs with new products that are designed to appeal to small business techies: a number of stackable switches and a new small office IP-PBX that sports some enterprise-worthy features. The company’s stackable switches can be placed on top of each other to save space and once stacked, can be managed as a single device. Meanwhile, the new IP-PBX, the BCM 50 version 2, boasts features like call-center functionality, which allows small groups …

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Editor’s Corner

How prominent is open-source computing in your server room? This week saw the introduction of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Beta 1, an open-source version of Sun Microsystems’ Sparc processor, a new version of the Asterisk IP-PBX, Mandriva’s Corporate Server 4 and Linux 2007 RC 1. There was even a minor Firefox upgrade this week. That being said, will Microsoft’s upcoming …

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ISS finds bugs in Asterisk VOIP software

Researchers at Internet Security Systems said they found two flaws in the Asterisk open-source IP-PBX software. Both bugs use denial-of-service techniques–one with inbound calls and the other with fake accounts–to crash or simply render useless Asterisk servers. In response, the Asterisk community released patches as Asterisk 1.2.10 and Zaptel 1.2.7 (Zaptel is set of telephony drivers.)

For more on VoIP:
– see this IDG News

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Microsoft does unified-messaging dance

Microsoft today is expected to announce details of its upcoming unified-messaging platform. Live Communications Server is being renamed Office Communications Server, which will power various IP-PBX and conferencing tools in tandem with Exchange Server. The actual functionality has existed since the late 1990s, but never with enterprise scalability or a common infrastructure. Microsoft hopes to assume that role by the end of the decade.

For more on UM:
– take a look at this …

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Juniper upgrade protects VoIP, databases

Juniper Networks announced a 4.0 update to its Intrusion Detection and Prevention product. The new versions features application-specific prevention and blocking modes (specifically for VoIP and databases), custom packet prioritization schemes and integration tools for firewall devices. Juniper’s IDP hardware itself starts at $9,000 with the upgraded software available now as a download.

For more on Juniper:
– read this CRN

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And Finally… New laptops poised to change mobile landscape. Article

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VoIP finally here for PalmOS; Toshiba too

A small company called MantraGroup will soon become the first to offer real VoIP software for the PalmOS. The software, called MobiVoIP, works via Internet connections using Bluetooth, EV-DO or WiFi to connect to the device. That means the upcoming Palm Treo 700P device (which has EV-DO built-in) will be the first PalmOS device not requiring an external connection to make a VoIP call (Enfora makes a WiFi sled for the 650, but that’s a kluge at best). Meanwhile, VoIP on Windows handhelds …

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NetIQ debuts VoIP security products

NetIQ’s new VoIP Security Solution application is tailored for Cisco’s popular Call Manager IP-PBX family. The software monitors the server for configuration changes, monitors calls for security threats and produces reports based on records and logs and such. Meanwhile, Cisco itself will release CallManager 5.0 next month with SIP support, long awaited throughout the industry.

For more on the software:
– read this Network World

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VC: Asset disposal; data center performance tuning

The two-week VC total is $79.8M.

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