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AMD news from DailyTechRag


HP launches new laptops, tablets

As you know, we were pretty impressed by HP’s svelte 2710p tablet when we got our grubby little mitts all over Read more…
Tags: AMD   Bluetooth   Laptops   Blu-ray  

AMD encourages overclocking, kinda

So, say you’re AMD and you have a bunch of quad-core chips on your hands that possibly carry a fatal Read more…
Tags: AMD   Microprocessors  

ALSO NOTED: 10 reasons why IT shouldn’t support the iPhone; Intel to delay Yorkfields?;

> Dell thinks that the Latitude XT isn’t that expensive at all. Blog> Apple update fixes frozen notebook keyboards. Read more…
Tags: Apple   Intel   AMD   Hitachi   Matsushita   iPhone  

ALSO NOTED: AMD overpaid for ATI, will take unspecified charge; SanFrancisco offers credits for solar power;

> Sorry folks: looks like that GPS module for the iPhone was a fake. Article> Motorola A1600 handset Read more…
Tags: Motorola   AMD   iPhone  

ALSO NOTED: Firefox: over 125 million served; IBM sues over flammable laptop batteries;

> IBM sues over counterfeit, flammable laptop batteries. Article> 8GB Asus Eee PC gets spec’d, Read more…
Tags: Memory   Samsung   Intel   iPod   Firefox   Asus   AMD   Laptop Batteries  

AMD falls out of CPU top 10

Bad news, AMD fans: market research firm iSuppli just released their annual list of the best selling manufacturers in the semiconductor market and AMD didn’t even make the top 10. While rival Intel Read more…
Tags: Toshiba   Microprocessors   Sony   AMD  

BlackBerrys? Not at this Thanksgiving table

From where I stand, there’s plenty to be thankful for this year, my fellow geeks. New releases like Windows XP SP3 and Vista SP1 will make life easier for admins and users alike in the new year. Read more…

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