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Skype news from DailyTechRag


Skypephone gets real on U.K.’s 3

You’re looking at it, folks: here’s the oft-rumored Skypephone, up and running all official-like on the Read more…
Tags: Skype  

Skype virus phones home

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen VoIP app Skype get targeted by a virus and it probably won’t be the last: Read more…
Tags: Skype   Malware   VoIP  

ALSO NOTED: iTunes DRM-free tracks drop to $0.99, as expected; HTC to ship 50,000 Google Phones this year?;

> iTunes DRM-free tracks drop to $0.99, as expected. Article> Linus Torvalds’ own family uses Windows. Read more…
Tags: Skype   iPod   Google   Linus Torvalds   Acer   supercomputers   DRM   HTC   MacBook   iTunes  

How to: Set up a quick, easy video chat

Videoconferencing has been a reality for a few years now but setting up a live video chat on most clients still requires that both computers have a specific application installed, whether it be Read more…
Tags: Skype   AOL  

Asustek P5E3: a PC on a motherboard

If you’re energy-conscious, support a large number of office drones who only need access to a limited number of applications and like the idea of saving a few bucks, you’re probably always looking Read more…
Tags: Skype  

ALSO NOTED: Adobe releases Flash Lite 3; Microsoft partner program looks to SMB market;

> Adobe brings real Flash to mobile handsets, finally. Article> Linux Read more…
Tags: Skype   Sun Microsystems   Linux   Adobe   Hitachi  

ALSO NOTED: Sprint experiencing WiMAX spectrum headaches?; Toshiba announces new Satellite laptops;

> Sprint encountering problems in acquiring necessary WiMAX spectrum? Read more…
Tags: Hitachi   Sprint   Nokia   WiMAX   SSDs   Skype  

Windows Worm spreading via Skype

Batten down the hatches, VoIP fans: there’s a new Windows Worm in town and from the looks of it, it’s spreading itself via Skype. Apparently, Read more…
Tags: VoIP   Hard Drive   Worm   Skype  

Samsung LCD displays phone home

OK you jokers, who put VoIP in my LCD display? I leave my desk for one minute and what do I find when I come back? A Samsung SyncMaster 220TN Read more…
Tags: Displays   LCDs   VoIP   Samsung   Skype