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Sony news from DailyTechRag


AMD falls out of CPU top 10

Bad news, AMD fans: market research firm iSuppli just released their annual list of the best selling manufacturers in the semiconductor market and AMD didn’t even make the top 10. While rival Intel Read more…
Tags: Toshiba   Microprocessors   Sony   AMD  

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> Memory test: Firefox 2.0 vs. Firefox 3.0 beta. Article> Sony’s first OLED display will be limited to 2000 units. Read more…

ALSO NOTED: Qualcomm launches dual-mode 3G chip; Sprint Guardian puts lappies on lockdown;

> India does a 180 on the OLPC. Article> Qualcomm’s new chip does Read more…
Tags: HSDPA   OLPC   India   Laptops   Sony   Apple   Hard Drive  

Sony sells chip division to Toshiba

We’ve been hearing rumors for months now but until today, Sony had sworn up and down that it planned to keep a Read more…
Tags: Sony   Microprocessors  

Pretty in pink: Sony Vaio helps cancer research

If you like your gadgetry to be as pink as your Barbie collection, I’ve got good news for you: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and to help spread the awareness, a number of Read more…
Tags: Sony   Laptops   Gadgets  

Sony OLED display to arrive this year

What you see above is a television set. Okay, so why should you care? Because this isn’t your average HDTV–the set above is the world’s first retail unit to be based on next-generation OLED Read more…
Tags: LCDs   Sony  

Sony Vaio G is spill proof

Looks like Sony has finally gotten around to updating its fleet of Vaio G-Series enterprise laptops and while the upgrade includes a number of routine features, there’s at least one thing here Read more…
Tags: Laptops   Sony   Hardware News   SSDs   Batteries  

ALSO NOTED: Dell going retail in China; Google Calendar gets friendly with the iPhone;

> Sony rolls out a few more Blu-ray-equipped laptops. Article> 800Mhz G4 Macs Read more…
Tags: Helio   iPhone   Google   Dell   Blu-ray   Mac OS X   Sony   Laptops  

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