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Steve Jobs news from DailyTechRag


Apple sells 2 million copies of Leopard

We all know that Leopards are supposed to be fast but I don’t think that any of us expected this: Apple has Read more…

Apple unlocks the iPhone!

Oh, what a saga it’s been. When Apple first shipped the iPhone, it came locked up tighter than a bank vault. Of course, it wasn’t long until enterprising hackers cracked the phone wide open, Read more…
Tags: iPhone   Steve Jobs   Hacking  

Steve Jobs subpoenaed in scandal

Bad news for Apple fanboys: Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and object of geek affections, has been subpoenaed by U.S. securities regulators over Read more…
Tags: Apple   Steve Jobs   Scandals  

iPhone says Guten tag to Deutschland

As expected, Steve Jobs continued his European tour yesterday with a stop in the land of beer, chocolate and lederhosen. Just in time for Read more…

An open letter to Steve Jobs

  Dear Steve Jobs, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about you in the media lately and not being the sort to gossip, I thought I should bring my concerns directly to you. You see, Read more…
Tags: Steve Jobs   iPods   Apple  

Early iPhone buyers to get $100 refund

When Steve Jobs made the surprise announcement on Wednesday that Apple was dropping the price of the high-end iPhone by $200, most everyone Read more…
Tags: Mac OS X   iPhone   Apple   Steve Jobs  

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