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Symantec news from DailyTechRag


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> Skype gets increased video quality with software update. Article> Japanese mobile operator gets Android running on live hardware. Read more…

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> Buy a BlackBerry Pearl, get paid $75 (after rebates, of course). Read more…

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What’s your ID worth?

While we’d all like to think that life is priceless, online thieves have managed to quantify your identity–and its pretty darned cheap. For as little as $14, identity thieves are offering a

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Tags: Symantec   Servers  

ALSO NOTED: Dell has a secret strategy for 2007; Sanyo, Lenovo to share in recall costs;

> Dell keeping its cards close to its vest. Article
> The top five technologies that you need to know this year. Read more…

Tags: Worm   Vulnerabilities   Symantec   Lenovo   Dell  

Symantec: Vista vulnerable to legacy exploits

If I had to take a bet on who really knows what the security situation in Windows Vista is like, I would put my money on the security vendors. After all, knowing security is their

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ALSO NOTED: Dell giving Linux another chance; IBM and Oracle Linux incompatible?;

> Dell giving Linux desktops another chance. Article
> An open-source startup is turning heads in the virtualization world. Article
> Symantec is optimistic about Norton 360. …

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Tags: Virtualization   Dell   VMWare   Symantec  

Default configured routers pose security risk

Never got around to configuring your home router, eh? Many of you likely know about the dangers that this introduces to your network as nearly all routers come with standard SSIDs, access passwords and config URLs–all of which can be easily accessed thanks to the magic of Google. But there’s an additional risk you may not have considered: simply navigating to a …

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Tags: Symantec   Networking   Malware   Security   Google  

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