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UPS news from DailyTechRag


AMD: Intel ‘extracted $60 billion in monopoly profits’

What did we tell you, folks: this brewing EU anti-competitive tussle between AMD and Intel can’t help but heat up. Read more…

ID-Theft got you down? Beware the photocopiers

Just when you think you’ve got identity theft worries under control, along comes a new warning. According to news on, experts are warning that photocopiers are the next threat

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Intel Classmate PC and OLPC XO go head-to-head

Ever since Intel started work on the Classmate PC, they’ve been on a collision course with the One

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Samsung takes aim at iPhone with touch-screen sporting F700

It’s been exactly one month since the iPhone’s first unveiling and here comes the competition, right on schedule. Samsung has taken the wraps off of its entry into the next-gen handset market–the so-called Ultra Smart F700–and it packs a number of features that should already be familiar: a touchscreen, EDGE support, full-featured HTML browser, Bluetooth, built-in camera and music playback capability, all in a ultra-slim, svelte package. Samsung, however, ups the ante with a few key …

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MacBook, T-Mobile Dash named mobile best of 2006

The onslaught of year-end round-ups continues with CNET‘s “Best mobile products of 2006.” I’m not quite sure why a camera is considered “mobile” but I guess the car makes at least a bit of sense (it’s an automobile, get it?). The definition of the term “mobile” notwithstanding, head on over to see why CNET likes the Core 2 Duo-based MacBook and the T-Mobile Dash so much.

For more mobile products:
– see the CNET article

MacWorld highlights the year’s best Mac products

It’s that time of year again: No, not the holiday season, time for year-end round ups and Editor’s awards! As Mac fans probably know, MacWorld‘s Editor’s Choice Awards offer a guide to the year’s best products in Mac hardware, software, peripherals and online applications. Sure, the usual suspects all make an appearance: the new Intel Macs, YouTube, Logitech’s Revolution mice. But there are also a few surprises as well.

For more on the year’s best Mac products:
– check out the 22nd Annual Editor’s Choice Awards at MacWorld

ALSO NOTED: Indian call center? That’s so 2004; FileMaker 8.5 database ups the ante; and much more…

> Indian call center? That’s so 2004. Article

> FileMaker 8.5 database ups the ante. Review

> Mainframes not just for old fogies. Article

And Finally… The hard disk that changed the world. Article

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IBM uses services for newly mashed apps

IBM’s Rod Smith, VP of emerging Internet technologies, says the mash-up technology which is gaining popularity on the Web will soon become an equally important business tool. The trend will start in middleware suites, then move to IT dashboard programs and finally reach application client software for end users, he predicted. But it’s all several years away from reality, he added.

For more on mash-ups:
– read this TechWeb article

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The top ten Microsoft TechEd issues

Expect a hodgepodge of news from the Microsoft TechEd conference this week. Things to watch for include the release of a preview of SQL Server Everywhere, a second beta for WinFS, and demonstrations of business application mash-ups using Office 2007. Some renaming is happening as well. Microsoft’s security tools have the new name “Forefront” and the WinFX development platform is now .Net Framework 3.0.

For more on TechEd:
– read this Microsoft Watch

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IBM offers custom Web dev for the masses

Enterprise online mash-ups are gaining traction, and now IBM is entering the creation side with a new Wiki-based tool for end users. The new software is called QEDwiki. (QED, as it has before in computer history, stands for quick-and-dirty.) The idea is that users can make simple interfaces to perform whatever tasks they need without having to interfere in IT operations. The software is due for public testing later this year.

For more on the customization options:
– read this …

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