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Vista: the last Windows on the desktop? Not likely.

Gartner, those wily analysts who seem to always court controversy and bait Microsoft, are at it again. Their latest prediction? Vista will be the last major update to the Windows operating system as we know it. If Gartner’s report is to be believed, future versions of Windows will consist of modules, stitched together using the magic of hardware-supported virtualization. “Once Windows includes virtualization at its core, we expect OS development to change direction from integration to …

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Proof of concept adware app targets OS X

While it’s true that the Mac remains, for all intents and purposes, a platform that is seldom the target of security exploits, a number of security companies seem intent on tarnishing OS X’s “bug free” reputation–if only to prove that Macs aren’t somehow invincible. The latest to join the fray is Finnish security vendor F-Secure, whose iAdware has been called “the first example …

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An Opera in your pocket

Opera Mini, the mobile version of the popular Norwegian web browser, is now available for RIM BlackBerry and Palm Treo handsets. While basic browsers are already available for these popular business-oriented phones, Opera claims enhanced speed and image rendering over the browsers already on the market. “People who are accustomed to mobile browsing in addition to emailing or texting, enjoy the speed and reliability Opera Mini offers on today’s professional handsets. The fact is, it’s a …

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Bug in Internet Explorer third this week

A bug in an otherwise simple Internet Explorer radio button is being called “highly critical” by Secunia Research. Moreover, it’s the third bug confirmed in Microsoft’s web browser this week. Anyone who visits a Web site infected with the bug could be prey for arbitrary code. The easiest way to protect your computer is to disable IE’s active scripting feature, Microsoft officials said. There’s not yet a patch.

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– read this eWeek

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Tibco’s path to tactical service architectures

Tibco’s new PortalBuilder 5.0 is positioned as a means for building tactical, modular (“service-oriented”) IT architectures. But in this case, the middleware is just your web browser, and Tibco says that’s fine until more advanced integration techniques are commonplace. They also say it costs $200,000 per server, so demand to see an ROI study. (And send a copy to us please!)

For more on the SOA execution:
– check out this InformationWeek article

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Review: Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5

The new Firefox 1.5 web browser, just released, and Thunderbird 1.5 email client, soon to be released, both have some interesting features. Firefox is faster, has more customizable preferences and tabs, and supports easier-to-build extensions. Thunderbird has a simpler account configuration menu, better spell-checking, and a long list of miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

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