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YouTube news from DailyTechRag


iPhone gets International data/voice plan

International road warriors looking to make a business case for the iPhone, here’s your silver bullet: AT&T has just announced a comprehensive international data plan for the iPhone that will Read more…
Tags: iPhone   YouTube  

AMD prepping tri-core processors

Like a three-legged table, a three-wheeled car or that perennial YouTube favorite, the courageous three-legged dog, tri-core processors are Read more…

Storm Worm dupes YouTube fans

YouTube fans beware: You might think that email link is sending you to a video of the Star Wars kid but in reality, the link’s purpose may be far less funny. Security experts are warning that online Read more…
Tags: YouTube   Security   McAfee   Hacking   Exploits  

Adobe brings hi-def video to Flash

Adobe’s Flash may be the de facto standard for web video at this point but that doesn’t mean that the streaming player can’t use a new coat of Read more…
Tags: H.264   Adobe Flash   YouTube   iPhone   Adobe  

Windows bundled apps: Can I get an update please?

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a hilarious send-up of MS Paint on YouTube. Without spoiling too much, I’ll say that the video Read more…
Tags: Microsoft   iLife   Apple   iPhoto   YouTube  

Fox, Universal, Microsoft, Yahoo to take on YouTube

Seems like ever since YouTube sold for the incomprehensible amount of $1.6 billion, every media company on the block wants a piece of the online video action. To that end, a staggering list of

Read more…
Tags: AOL   DRM   YouTube  

The new alternative to YouTube

Missing those video clips that YouTube is taking down? Don’t fret: Delutube is a new service that gives viewers the opportunities to see the offending content even after YouTube has removed them.

Read more…
Tags: YouTube