SCM – Supply Chain Management

FierceEnterprise covers all aspects of supply chain management software important to CIOs and other IT decision makers. FierceEnterprise frequently highlights established SCM firms such as PeopleSoft/JD Edwards, Baan/Invensys, Siebel Systems, Oracle, etc, as well as smaller industry players. Our coverage includes SCM software releases and enhancements, mergers and acquisitions, economics of the industry, adoption of supply chain management systems, movers and shakers, and commentary by industry experts.

Introduction to Supply Chain Management Software:

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the flow of goods and information from initial sourcing to the end user. Supply chain management software tracks procurement, manufacturing, inventory management, distribution, logistics, customer service, design, and financing and used correctly helps enterprises deliver goods to its customers profitably and in a timely manner.

Supply chain management software allow companies to optimize supply and demand according to its material and resource constraints. Furthermore, multiple levels of SCM (global supply chain) advance this optimization through allowing visibility of all players including suppliers of suppliers. In the end, SCM software takes the guesswork out of supplying and manufacturing and promotes a more efficient trading network.

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