2 GB in your pocket, for less than $50

I can still recall the feeling of crushing defeat that I felt as a child, on the day that I filled up my first hard drive. It was the only drive on our family’s trusty MacTV (now seen as something of a historical oddity by Apple enthusiasts), and I had somehow managed to fill up the drive’s massive 120 MB of space with HyperStudio projects and movie clips downloaded using our 36.6K modem.

Many kids today will never know that same feeling, not when flash memory is so cheap and plentiful. Case in point: SanDisk’s new Cruzer Micro thumb drive, which packs a whopping 2 GB of storage into a device the size of your pinky. That’s not all though–many retailers are selling the drives for south of $50. With 2 GB of storage space you can synchronize files and folders, load applications or even carry around your entire desktop environment in your pocket–the Cruzer Micro even comes pre-loaded with software that helps you set up all of these tasks. At $50, this just might be the perfect stocking-stuffer for your IT teammates.

For more on the new Cruzer Micro:
– see ComputerWorld‘s full review

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