ALSO NOTED: Leopard, OS 10.4.11 ready to go gold; Sprint gets its own BlackBerry Pearl 8130;

> Microsoft is still on track to ship Office 2008 for Mac on time. Article
> Sony’s new Blu-ray burner burns at 4x. Article
> Apple tops PC Magazine‘s 20th annual reader satisfaction survey. Article
> Leopard and Mac OS 10.4.11 are nearly finalized. Article
> Sprint gets its own BlackBerry Pearl 8130. Press Release
> A Virginia woman hammers out her frustrations with Comcast. Article
> Let the cat and mouse game begin: iPhone 1.1.1 firmware gets cracked. Article

And Finally… A Sandisk spokesperson offers to shave her head if Microsoft’s Zune is the #2 selling brand of music player this holiday season. Article

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