ALSO NOTED: Sharp sues Samsung over LCD patent; Bush administration upholds the Qualcomm chip ban;

> The Bush administration upholds the Qualcomm chip ban. Article

> Sony recalls some razor sharp cameras in the U.S. and Japan. Ouch! Article

> Where do our tech dollars go? Statistics

> Apple sued over iPhone keyboard. Article

> Symantec aims to automate eDiscovery. Article

> NEC and Hitachi ready water-cooled hard drives. Seriously. Article

> IBM to build $200 Million Petaflop Supercomputer? Article

> Wind River Systems will provide the Linux OS for the strange Palm Foleo. Article

> Sharp sues Samsung over LCD patent. Article

> A U.S. District Judge throws out the Alcatel-Lucent suit against Microsoft. Article

And Finally… Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the holy grail of iPhone hacks: the iPhone NES emulator. Video

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