AMD announces first embedded-graphics chipset

Not content to let Intel hog all of the embedded-graphics limelight, AMD has announced its first chipset with embedded graphics, the M690T. Aside from its catchy name, the chipset will boast improved graphics and video performance and more display options, if AMD is to be believed. The chipset will be the third AMD product to utilize graphics technology from ATI (which AMD acquired in October); the 690G and the 690V have shipped to motherboard vendors and should start popping up in PCs by the end of the month. “I think we are filling a need in the embedded market right now,” said Jeff Chu, division marketing manager for AMD’s Embedded Systems. “We see this as an opportunity to provide a set of new features and we see a lot of opportunity to grow in this space.” The new chipset should be publicly available in May.

For more on the M690T:
– see this eWeek article

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