AMD falls out of CPU top 10

Bad news, AMD fans: market research firm iSuppli just released their annual list of the best selling manufacturers in the semiconductor market and AMD didn’t even make the top 10. While rival Intel (#1 on the list, natch) should see a 7.7 percent increase in chip revenue this year, AMD’s sales are expected to decline some 22.7 percent, forcing it to slip to number 11. Here’s a quick rundown of the list:

  • 1. Intel
  • 2. Samsung
  • 3. Toshiba
  • 4. Texas Instruments
  • 5. STMicroelectronics
  • 6. Hynix
  • 7. Renesas Technology
  • 8. Sony
  • 9. NXP
  • 10. Infineon Technologies

Another notable mover on the list is Sony, who rocketed up from #14 on last year’s list. This fact is attributable to the production of Cell processors for the Playstation 3 game console–which is awfully ironic considering that Sony just sold its chip division to Toshiba

For more on the list:
– see this PC World article
– and the full list details from iSuppli

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