AMD launches Intel-slandering website

Boy, this is really starting to get good. The ongoing antitrust battle between AMD and Intel just took a turn for the ridiculous, with AMD launching not just a press release but an entire website devoted to badmouthing Intel. Titled “Break Free,” the site aims to educate users on Intel’s allegedly evil business practices, by offering up-to-date coverage of the European Commission’s antitrust suit against the chipmaker. The site also features a number of suggestive graphics: scales filled with gold coins, a judge’s gavel and a crowd of protesters holding up “Fair & open competition” signs emblazoned with AMD logos (honestly, has there ever actually been a microchip-related protest?). Will Intel take the high ground, comforting itself by counting its numerous gold coins, or will the company fire back with its own hilariously slanderous website? Let’s hope for the latter.

For more on the antitrust allegations:
– see AMD’s “Break Free” website

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