AMD’s Phenom on the 19th?

Last we heard of AMD’s Phenom product line, it was set to debut soon after the first “native” quad-core chip on the market. As we all know, however, AMD’s Quad-Core Opteron (aka “Barcelona”) has been on the market for a few months now but there’s still no sign of Phenom, Barcelona’s enthusiast counterpart. If recent rumors hold any truth, however, we could be seeing Phenom within the next two weeks. Similarly-named publication DailyTech is reporting that “AMD’s current launch date for its next-generation desktop processor, Phenom, its next-generation desktop chipset, RD790, and its next-generation graphics processor, RV670, is tentatively set for November 19, 2007.” While it’s great to see high-end enthusiast parts in the pipeline (as they always seem to presage advancements and price drops in other product lines), it seems like what AMD really needs at this point is a production ramp-up for the products it already has in the market.

For more on Phenom and the new Radeons:
– see this DailyTech article

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